Inveno Health

Inveno Health serves as a commercialization unit for Mercy. Thanks to a grant awarded by The Missouri Life Science Trust Fund, Inveno Health and the business unit's first product, Povinol, were established in 2009. Specifically, Inveno Health is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of products created through Mercy Research and Mercy Product Development & Informatics.

Mercy established these departments to further their mission of providing excellent health care to the communities they serve, with a special emphasis on assisting the economically challenged. They work closely with clinicians and co-workers to identify areas of patient care that could benefit from improvement. In turn, they strive to create innovative, affordable solutions to problems that they and other healthcare institutions face on a daily basis. As these solutions are tested and validated, they are passed on to Inveno Health for introduction into the healthcare, institutional and retail markets.

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